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Sunday, April 13, 2014

GamFed is growing fast

Have a look at our latest Press Release. More than 150 members already. Go ahead and sign up.


Sunday, March 30, 2014

GamFed launches its website

Press Release
London, March 31st 2014
GamFed to launch its website

The International Gamification Confederation (GamFed) is announcing the launch of its brand new website (www.gamfed.com). Founded on January 1st 2013, GamFed is today proud to report that over 100 members across over 60 countries worldwide have joined the confederation.

Membership is open to anyone who is an individual and is involved in gamification in a professional capacity and supports the aims of the International Gamification Confederation. We also welcome companies involved in gamification who support the aims of the International Gamification Confederation. For the year 2014 - Membership fees are an annual fee of 25 Euros per person per year for individuals and an annual fee of 200 Euros for companies plus a fee of 25 Euros per employee capped at 100 employees.

The new website will help our strong community to network, to learn from each other through case studies and best practices. The benefits for members are as follows:
·         Right to use the GamFed logo on your own materials that promote Gamification events and/or activities
·         Receive announcements about events dedicated to Gamification
·         Direct access to other GamFed members to exchange knowledge and benefit from others in the community
·         Special access to training and certification - with member discounts (available soon)
·         Discounts at GamFed organised events
·         Benefit from market surveys, trends and market information available
·         Benefit from networking and best practice sharing
·         Access to Gamification job boards (available soon)
·         Involvement in discussion and decision around governance
·         Access to special offers from other members

Nicolas Babin GamFed Chair stated: “This new website is a big milestone in GamFed’s history. For the past year we have created and consolidated our community, now thanks to the new site, we will expand our benefits to members and ensure everyone adds value to the ever growing gamification market. The look and feel is really about having fun and using game mechanics to engage people around online content. We have applied all our gamification strategies. I would like to thank the GamFed steering committee for their considerable efforts as well as our Polish partner, Michal Bakulinski from MutantLab in Warsaw who has done a great job in developing the site.”

If you are interested in becoming a member and be part of this exciting market, go to www.gamfed.com.

About GamFed:
The International Gamification Confederation (GamFed) leads, unites and fosters the interests of industry practitioners, vendors, consultants and educators worldwide for the benefit of the Gamification market.

The International Gamification Confederation (GamFed) is aimed at:
- Promoting the gamification market
- Helping networking
- Ensuring consistency in business practices
- Lobbying at an international level for legal issues
- Helping with market vision and market data
- Ensuring consistency in training and standard level

Nicolas Babin, Chair (France)                                     nicolas.b@gamfed.com
Toby Beresford, Deputy Chair (UK)                        toby.b@gamfed.com
Pete Jenkins, Treasurer               (UK)                                    pete.j@gamfed.com
Roman Rackwitz, secretary (Germany)                roman.r@gamfed.com
Michal Bakulinski  (Poland)                                        michal.b@gamfed.com
Niels van der Linden (Turkey)                                   niels.vdl@gamfed.com
Kabir Ahmad (Bangladesh)                                        kabir.a@gamfed.com
Victor Manrique (Espagne)                                        victor.m@gamfed.com

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Lycée Saint Jean Bosco de Gabarret

Je suis allé visiter le lycée l'an dernier et j'avais été très impressionné par leur établissement (professeurs, salles de classe, moyens mis à la disposition des élèves, élèves...). Mené de mains de maître par mon ami d'enfance, Aubert Cruchon, ils préparent au bac pro avec des taux de réussite extraordinaire.

Voici quelques photos et articles qu'ils ont publié:

Message de Nicolas Babin aux lycéens

Je reviendrai avec grand plaisir les voir.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

GamFed reports first 6 months activity

GamFed reports first 6 months activity

The International Gamification Confederation (GamFed) reports its first 6 months of activity. Launched on January 1st 2013, GamFed is proud to announce that over 50 members in over 12 countries worldwide have now joined the association.

As the gamification market is gathering speed, GamFed is strongly supporting the growth by focusing on sharing best practice. GamFed has now published three case studies after collecting feedback from its members:
-the Sephora campaign by Actiplay (France, Europe and Asia)
-the TechHub campaign by Leaderboarded (UK)
-the Book of Mormon musical by Big Door (USA)

Gamifiers events in the UK have been organized and two more will follow in Germany as well as Turkey.

More activity will be launched shortly.

Toby Beresford GamFed Chair stated: “We are delighted with our success. Our members are very active in all our activities and we have seen positive feedback from the market on our case studies. The fact that we have managed to foster over 50 members in just 6 months in 12 countries as diverse as Bangladesh, India, Brazil, the US, Poland or other European countries shows that the gamification market is truly international. I would like to thank everyone in our community for their support and added value”.

If you are interested in becoming a member, go to www.gamfed.com and fill out the form. Membership fees are waived for 2013 and will start in 2014.

About GamFed:
The International Gamification Confederation (GamFed) leads, unites and fosters the interests of industry practitioners, vendors, consultants and educators worldwide for the benefit of the Gamification market.

The International Gamification Confederation (GamFed) is aimed at:
- Promoting the gamification market
- Helping networking
- Ensuring consistency in business practices
- Lobbying at an international level for legal issues
- Helping with market vision and market data
- Ensuring consistency in training and standard level

Toby Beresford, Chair                                  toby.b@gamfed.com
Nicolas Babin, Secretary                              nicolas.b@gamfed.com
Niels van der Linden, Treasurer                               niels.vdl@gamfed.com

Roman Rackwitz, Deputy Chair                 roman.r@gamfed.com

Saturday, January 19, 2013

TagCommander and Webtrends announce strategic partnership


Both solutions are now fully integrated and compatible to provide faster tag deployment and deeper insight thanks to powerful Webtrends analytics.

Tag Commander, the European leader in tag management solutions, and Webtrends, the global leader in digital intelligence, announced a strategic global partnership to empower clients with the combined expertise in tag management and digital analytics. The partnership provides clients with significant time savings and therefore quicker ROI and around the deployment of Webtrends Analytics tags.  Tagging complex environments can take weeks if not months and the partnership allows  adding and editing tags faster and effectively.

The partnership provides Webtrends customers with the option to use Tag Commander to increase performance and agility when implementing their Webtrends analytics tool.  Tag Commander’s clients will benefit from Webtrends solutions and will  gain insight into online campaigns and customer behaviour using one tag, one interface and one solution. Tag Commander is known to have a flexible, powerful and business user oriented interface to manage complex websites and mobile applications.

“We have been working with Webtrends for several years now; Tag Commander has added strategic agility to our business, in a highly competitive market such as the travel industry. This agility enables our team to be more innovative and further optimize our marketing activities. Thanks to the Tag Commander and Webtrends integration, we have been able to optimize our Analytics deployment, which is the key to guarantee data integrity and accuracy,” says Luc Behar, Director Web Analytics – E-Commerce, Air France.
Michael Froment, President  Tag Commander states, It is an honour for us to announce this partnership with Webtrends. The early results of our collaboration have exceeded our client’s expectations. The combined offering has been proven to be powerful and makes tag management fast and efficient.”

Loic Especel, Territory Manager France, adds, “Our partnership with Tag Commander is very important for our clients, the combined solution offers two leaders’ expertise  providing a powerful solution. Tag Commander is an independent vendor and shares our common values and commitment to clients.”

“Our partnership with Tag Commander helps strengthen our offering with customers seeking effective tag management with analytics across the whole European region”, says
Tracie Caroopen, Sales Director, Southern EMEA.

About Tag Commander

Tag Commander is a European based company whose headquarter is located in Paris. Tag Commander’s SaaS solutions enable e-commerce and online teams to manage and work on digital marketing solutions thanks to efficient and optimized tagging, as well as giving the visibility needed to manage online marketing campaigns and therefore, reach their objectives more quickly.

Thanks to tag management optimisation, Tag Commander’s solutions increase the responsiveness in deployment, accelerates the loading time of pages, ease the tagging process, maximize ROI and improve third party tools management in order to understand the impact of each marketing campaign and allow a better attribution. More information on www.tagcommander.com
Clients of Tag Commander include Europcar, Air France KLM, La Redoute, Fnac.com, Match.com, Levi’s, Smartbox, Cdiscount, Auchan, Universal Music,

About Webtrends, Inc.

Webtrends powers digital marketing success.  Webtrends is at the forefront of real-time digital marketing relevance and customer experience management through unified customer intelligence.  Our industry-leading analytics and optimisation solutions delivered across mobile, social and web enables marketers to optimize campaigns, maximize customer lifetime value and deliver highly relevant digital brand experiences in real-time.

Webtrends dramatically improves digital marketing results for more than 3,500 global brands including: The New York Times, Microsoft, BMW, RIM, China Telecom, China Mobile, CCTV, Tencent QQ, Hitachi, The Associated Press, HSBC, Barclays, Vivo Cellular, Petrobras, Alitalia, KLM, ASOS and more.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Actiplay creates a game campaign for Sephora


The cosmetic brand name “Sephora” has called upon Actiplay to create a fun and original game for its Christmas concept “Psychedelic Party”. The game, named “Disco Flipper” revives a classic concept, the pinball, declined in 2D web format technology with 3D effect.

“This operation, realized for a brand as prestigious as Sephora, allows us to demonstrate our ability to launch a game campaign at an international scale in various countries such as Poland, Singapore and Romania among others. We are pleased with this first operation, which we hope is the beginning of a long collaboration” stated Nicolas Babin, Actiplay Managing Director.

The challenge for Actiplay was the creation of a truly entertaining and original game designed for the international market targeting a feminine audience. This event allows Actiplay to advertise about Sephora while hosting the company’s Christmas concept. The game stages Sephora’s products as follows: mascara designed to shoot the pinball marbles, bath capsules used to score points and ultimately submerging the internet user in the super delirious universe of the “Psychedelic Party”.

To push forward the gaming concept, VIP levels were featured in order to collect points and earn higher levels in addition to prizes. A sponsorship system with an invitation to challenge friends and share scores on Facebook contributes to the viral spread of the game. The campaign has been developed for 6 countries including: France, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain and Singapore listed under the name “Disco Flipper” in France and “Disco Ball” in the other 5 remaining countries.

The game is available online until December 31st 2012: http://disco-flipper-sephora.fr/

About Actiplay Actiplay is ConcoursMania’s group dedicated brand-based gaming developer. Actiplay is split into two strategic divisions: Actiplay Studio (creating & developing games for brand clients) and Actiplay Advertising (promotion, client relations & commercial development).

About ConcoursMania Group (GCM) GCM provides support to its clients in the marketing of online gaming campaigns and publishes its own gaming websites for the public. GCM offers clients innovative solutions, while continuing to permanently observe and study developments in this sector.